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Heart for Hope

Heart for Hope is a 501(c)(3) public charity that coordinates with two Honduran Non-Governmental Organizations.  Cadena de Amor (Chain of Love) provides dental care for school-age children in several villages. Fundacion San Juancito works in its namesake village to provide employment opportunities for local people, primarily women.   

Both organizations have long and successful histories in Honduras and are registered non-profit organizations in the country.

See a photo gallery of our June 2022 Brigade, including our partnership with Chispa and a trip to Mayan ruins, by clicking here.

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Dental Services for Children


One team at a time!


Supporting Village Artisans

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When our teams are working in Honduras, we are known as "brigades," a reference to a group of people dedicated to a common cause. We are indeed dedicated, organized and focused, and we have a lot of fun along the way.      Dr. John Spomer blogs about each trip, and it's a great introduction to the work of Heart for Hope. See the latest entries below and check out the blog archives here.

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Our Team Locations in Honduras

Click this link for a cool interactive map of the villages we serve: 

Our Map

When the Google map appears, a quick click on the Tooth in each location will reveal the village name!

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