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Volunteer with Heart for Hope

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Heart for Hope can provide opportunities for individuals to join teams as volunteers.   The charity organizes volunteer team trips to Honduras for our dental groups that work in village schools to provide dental education and needed dental treatment.   The majority of our volunteers have been lay people that work with dentists and hygienists to facilitate the treatment program.    Also, some of our teams undertake small construction projects in addition to the dental clinics, and provide more opportunities for volunteers.    Our viewpoint is that volunteering is a great opportunity to working with Hondurans to help children to have healthier teeth and better general health.   It is also an opportunity to understand another culture, experience small village life, and appreciate the joys of children.   A volunteer will gain as much as they give during a one-week trip.   We can offer a safe and informative experience to volunteers.   The living conditions are basic, but clean and comfortable.   In addition, we have our own cook who provides us with some scrumptious meals.  Interestingly we have had a number of volunteers who have decided to return 2 to 3 more times because they found the experience rewarding and interesting.   You will have the opportunity to meet some wonderful Honduran people.   Spanish language skills are not required.


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