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Our combined dental/construction team arrived at our lodgings in El Naranjal on February 17th. The construction team of Josh, Kathy, Dianne, and John started work early Monday morning on the 19th of February. The day before these three helped set up the dental clinic in the nearby ciudad of Cantarranas. More about that effort in a different blog. The construction team was building furniture for a house being constructed in San Juancito, shown below.

As you can see, the house was not completed when we toured the site. Stucco, windows, doors and paint are to be added. The house is now completed and the family is living there, enjoying the furniture the team built.

Josh and John always began the project with careful measuring before any saw cuts are made. Dr. Jose designs the furniture for us and procures the materials. There is just enough to build the needed items, so no errors are allowed.

After the cuts are made and some assembly, Kathy begins the process of sanding and then painting with a wood preservative stain.

All the team members have opportunity to help Josh, our lead builder, and also to apply the several coats of stain.

Dianne helps ensure Josh makes accurate cuts. Dianne and Kathy also double as our quality control supervisors.

All the furniture was completed by Thursday and ready for loading into the pickups to haul to the house in San Juancito. Dr. Jose and Dr. Gustavo are masters at loading and unloading the furniture for the trip up the mountain to San Juancito.

In the evening in the hacienda kitchen, all team members are challenged by one of the jigsaw puzzles Kathy has created using the wonderful murals on the walls of Cantarranas. The team truly has a great time both on the construction side and the dental clinic side.

Heart for Hope will have another construction/dental team traveling to Honduras this June.

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