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Creative Construction for San Juancito

Heart for Hope celebrates the opening of a new building for the artisan center in the village of San Juancito. The quite artistic appearing facility was designed by Regina Aguilar for her artisan activities in Honduras. Heart for Hope has supported Regina's foundation for a number of years. The foundation provides a number of jobs for women in the village. The building will allow her to offer classes to individuals who want to learn or further develop their artistic skills. In addition, the building will allow her to expand the enrichment program for the school age children in San Juancito. The local schools provide very little art, music, design and other creative skills such as chess lessons. In the pictures below you will see Heart volunteers, John Spomer, Kathy Campbell, and Lynne Wood at the dedication of the building. The other three pictures are of a recent ceramics class in the new facility.

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