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Heart for Hope Provides Housing for Two Village Women

Cadena de Amor and Heart for Hope combined efforts to build houses in Guinope and San Juancito in the last six months. Both houses were built for single women with children who lived in sub-standard rental housing. The two new homes bring the total of houses built by Heart for Hope and Cadena de Amor to 15 in Honduras.

Dr. Jose of Cadena de Amor supervises a local builder in the construction of the adobe homes. The construction of our houses is almost always adobe with stucco walls, a metal roof and concrete floor. The two-room houses also feature a separate concrete block structure for a shower/bathroom and laundry unit.

The October team built furniture for a house that had been constructed in the Piedras Gordas barrio of San Juancito. In El Naranjal, Kathy, Monte, and John built items in the hacienda compound for transport to San Juancito. For the project in Guinope, Ben from The Netherlands joined Kathy and John for the furniture construction.

Ben has traveled to Honduras more than 10 times to be part of building projects. He and his daughter, Karin, are wonderful supporters of Heart for Hope projects. We especially want to thank them for their many years of service and also for the fund-raising efforts they have undertaken in their home country. As the following pictures show, Ben and Karin greatly enjoy helping the children and young mothers of Honduras.

Monte sanding a newly constructed table for the hillside home of Raquel in San Juancito.

Dr. Jose, Dr. Gustavo, and Abelardo carefully planning the loading of several pieces of furniture in a pick-up.

Raquel enjoys part of her furniture in the hillside new house.

The blue house of Raquel in Piedras Gordas, San Juancito. What a view she has. Many of our houses have what is often labeled as "a million-dollar view".

The entire construction team at the almost completed house in Guinope. Dr. Jose, the general supervisor, is on the left.

Karin with two of the children that will live in the Guinope house.

John with the family in the sub-standard rental house in Guinope.

A construction worker applying stucco before the house can be painted.

Ben smiling as he figures out how to attach the hinges on the kitchen cabinet that he, John, and Kathy built for the Guinope project.

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Great pictures! I love Ben's smile!

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