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Volunteers from the U.S. and The Netherlands traveled to Honduras to work with the Honduran dentists of Cadena de Amor in March of 2022. Ben van der Harst and his daughter Karin van der Harst flew in from The Netherlands. They were joined by Pam Dierberger and Dianne Kelley from Nebraska and Vicki Horneck, Kathy Campbell, and John Spomer from Oregon.

The combined team set up a clinic in the elementary school in Cantarranas. As is the usual format for our teams, the children first received oral hygiene and diet instruction along with toothbrushing techniques. Dra. Gloria, Dr. Gustavo, and Dr. Jose facilitate this instruction in addition to providing dental treatment when needed.

Each session includes 30 youngsters for dental education followed by a dental exam and needed treatment. Over the years the Cadena de Amor team has learned that repeated trips at least every two years can bring about a significant change in the dental health of these students. By the time the children reach the 6th grade, it is often observed that their oral health is much improved as they regularly brush their teeth. Consequently many of the older children often need minimal treatment procedures.

The volunteers put in long, hard days working with our Honduran dentists. However, they do have some time to eat and relax. The time shared together with all team members is a highlight of the trip for all of us. Many of our volunteers have been on several trips to Honduras. This is a strong testament to the satisfaction and enjoyment to be found in volunteering with Heart for Hope.

All the volunteers enjoy the experience of visiting a Honduran village and caring for the many wonderful children of this beautiful country.

Future trips are planned and Heart for Hope and Cadena de Amor would welcome anyone interested in joining a future team. You can reach out to us through the Heart for Hope web site.

John Spomer for Heart for Hope

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