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It is great the Cadena de Amor has completed the house for the family in San Juancito and I am looking forward to leading a team to Honduras to construct so basic furniture for the family. Dr. Jose is doing the needed measurements now and then will have the materials purchased for the team when we arrive.

I have just a few more pictures that show the completed project. A previous blog had several already, but in this picture you can see the washboard and base next to the shower and bathroom structure. This is a very common system for the family to hand scrub clothes and hang out to dry. Many of the Honduran people may not have a large wardrobe of clothes but they mostly keep them very clean.

Here you see a simple kitchen sink on a concrete form. This works best so any leaks do not ruin a wood cabinet. We will mostly likely build a panty cabinet to set near the sink for pots, pans, and dishes, plus often basic food. Rice, beans, corn flour, and coffee are most common. We can also make a table and some chairs for this area of the house. For the bedroom area we will construct a basic wardrobe for shoes and clothes.

One final picture without the door and shutters in place. The bathroom and washboard structure is just to the right. With a moderate climate, much of the living is outdoors. Although at times it can be cool and wet in this mountain village. Almost everyone has a sweater to wear and a warm hat. Anything below 60 degrees is like freezing to most of them.

Additional it is create to announce that we have two or three teams in the works for 2022 with international volunteers including a house project in April. If a volunteer trip to Honduras appeals to you, please contact us through our website.

Our local team has now completed two dental clinics as they are all now fully vaccinated. Such great news for them as they are a small team of dentists and support personnel that are really dedicated to helping the children of Honduras. The year of being on the sidelines so to speak has be very hard for them.

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