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Dr. Jose has sent me the final report on the house that Cadena de Amor built in San Juancito for a family of four. This will be presented a bit differently as the pictures and some comments will come from the final presentation document that Dr. Jose created. He will also send me in time the financial report for the project that will concede with the documents the Dra. Larios, the executive director, sends me.

To begin with, Cadena de Amor confirms that all is in order with the legal affairs of the family. They must have clear title to the land before the project starts. We have had to engage an attorney in some cases to assure this fact.

This is the cover page for the brochure about this project. I was not able to complete paste in the brochure, but the pictures below and information explain the finished project.

Dr. Jose has worked with this constructor for a number of projects and it seems all goes smoothly during the construction phase. Previous blogs showed the house in various stages of construction. It always amazes me how nice and solid an adobe house can look when finished.

In this picture you see the family standing on the empty plot before construction. As it says below, they hope to someday have a house here.

La fe y la esperanza estaban presentes en el corazón de Marcia, Luis y sus hijas (estas eran dos niñas , pero pronto serian tres) para tener una casa.

And now we can see the family at their completed home. My only regret is that they will have to wait until November for some of the furniture to be built.

Most of the construction allows very durable and termite avoidance type of structures. Concrete block and metal roofs allow greater permanency.

The family plus some friends inside the house. The shower, bathroom, and laundry structure is all out of concrete block and is separate from the main house.

I am not sure how many houses Heart for Hope has supported over the last number of years, but I am guessing it is close to 15. But the key point is for each family, a house project is a dream come true, the impossible happening.

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