It is again great news to have the Cadena de Amor provide dental care for another village's children. The important component of dental education is still provided to each group of children.

Lots of preparation goes into setting up for a dental clinic in a village school, including have a dentist who can do electrical work. Often the electricity is not shut off to make this connects in order to have maximum power to operate the compressors.

Part of the team is starting to set up the clinic for the activities the next day. This portable equipment works quite well, and the many boxes carry need dental supplies. We have a truck full of stuff when we leave from Tegucigalpa for a village school.

Here we see a group of children waiting for this half day session to begin. First they will all have a talk on diet and oral hygiene, then brushing technique with their new toothbrushes. As you can see in the picture, it appears to be a bit chilly this day in the mountains.

With this picture, you can see that Cadena de Amor has tried to maximize best safety covid practices. I think the dogs are there to verify that all is done correctly. They maybe employees of the government. Who knows? Actually they are some of the more healthy looking dogs you are likely to see in these villages.

Kids are this session are in a classroom waiting for Dr. Jose or Dra. Gloria to begin the 30 minute dental hygiene talk. After which they will all get a new toothbrush and practice brushing and spitting outside. Then it is time to wait for their turn and for the last kids it can b 2 to 3 hours.

Dental treatment is underway for this boy. Seems the government dental inspector is sleeping under the dentist chair. Or maybe the boy brought him along for security or to guarantee painless treatment. Unfortunately my own personal experience is that the most likely thing to happen is you get a bag case of flea bites. All in a days work in a village. Truthful the people you meet in these villages are wonderful and the kids are mostly amazing well behaved in the dental chair.

Lastly, Cadena de Amor tries to have a simple gift for each child to have after their dental treatment. It is not much, but it is just part of how the team of Cadena de Amor cares about the children of Honduras.

There will be another clinic this month and I may have more pictures. But most of all I am looking forward to November when I can be there and blog from Honduras. Providing I have good internet connection.

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