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Update with photos of San Juancito house project

The construction is moving ahead quite well on the family home in San Juancito. In the pictures you can see the metal roof is now in place, the pila with the washboard is coming together. Dr. Jose visits the site regularly to oversee construction and bring need supplies to the builders. More funds are being allocated for the doors and window frames. We seldom use glass, only a wire mesh to keep out bugs. Shutters can be added to keep out rain and when it is chilly. Again you can see the house will have a great view as I mentioned before. Maybe some of you who read this blog will have the opportunity to join a dental brigade and then visit San Juancito to see this project and the numerous others we have completed there. For example, our sewer plant project needs to have the second phase completed someday, but that is a very expensive project and we need to secure support from some local governments to help with this. I need to work on this after Covid allows my return.

The Heart for Hope board will have it's annual meeting in July and develop a budget for the next fiscal year. The pandemic makes planning somewhat difficult, but I believe we will budget for 3 or 4 teams to go between this July 1 and June 30 of 2022. Still some unknowns, but I am optimistic.

El perro is not a watch dog, maybe just enjoying the shade.

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