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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Early in November of 2021, a team of volunteers traveled to Honduras to join the staff of Cadena de Amor for a dental/construction brigade in the village of San Juancito. Before we got down to work setting up the dental clinic and our construction shop, we took a side trip to a nearby village with colorful murals and artwork.

On the dental side, each session begins with oral hygiene and diet education for all the kids attending the clinic.

In addition to the education component, the children are provided toothbrushes and instructions for use along with a fluoride rinse.

As the dental clinic sprang into action, the construction team started to build some simple furniture for an adobe house that had been built before our team arrived.

The dental clinic continued throughout the week and was able to provide care for nearly 300 children. Even though we had not returned to this village for 3 years due to the pandemic, the older children still had a minimal amount of decay. This shows that the education portion of our program is working even when we couldn't return for some time.

At the end of the week, the construction crew needed to deliver the wood furniture to the family home. Unfortunately, the house was down a steep incline Without the help of the family to carry the furniture down the hill, we might never have made the delivery.

The house was now ready for use by the family. Their view is nothing short of spectacular.

For them, however, to have a house of their own is what matters most.

After the week of work, some of the team members had to opportunity to travel to the Pacific coast beach house of a good friend of our program, Regina Aguilar.

Everyone had a great experience and Heart for Hope thanks all the volunteer members of this team for all the work they did to help the children and families of Honduras.

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