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About Us

History of Heart for Hope in Honduras

Before the connection of Heart for Hope with Cadena de Amor, the Honduras NGO worked with Medical Teams International of Portland, Oregon.  The primary function of this relationship was to provide dental care for grade school age children.   About 10 years ago, Medical Teams phased out its support of Cadena de Amor.  At that time with the help of Dr. John Spomer, a working relation was established with Heart for Hope.   Through this connection, Heart for Hope gradually became the principal finance source for Cadena de Amor.   Furthermore, over the last 10 or 12 years, Heart for Hope responded to several other areas of need in Honduras.  Small construction projects were undertaking to help some very poor women and dental services were provided to the secondary school in San Juancito.    It is in the village that an additional contact was made with the NGO, Fundacion San Juancito.   Through this affiliation funds were provided to help an artisan workshop expand its operation, a computer teaching program was started in the local grade school, and in conjunction with Rotary International, a sewer treatment plant was construction to clean the waters of the local mountain streams.   The work continues with both NGOs, however the main focus still remains dental care and education for grade school kids.    Additional information can be found in the web pages dedicated to specific program details.