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About Us

Our History in Honduras

Before Heart for Hope partnered with Cadena de Amor, the Honduran non-profit worked with Medical Teams International of Portland, Oregon, to provide dental care for grade school children.

About 10 years ago, Medical Teams phased out its support of Cadena de Amor. With the help of Dr. John Spomer, Heart for Hope gradually became the principal financial source for Cadena de Amor.

Since then, Heart for Hope has also responded to several other areas of need in Honduras, such as small construction projects undertaken to help meet basic housing needs, especially those of women and children.

Dental services have also expanded to serve secondary school students in San Juancito and other villages.

Heart for Hope's work in the historic village of San Juancito led to an affiliation with the non-profit Fundacion San Juancito. Through this affiliation, funds have been provided to help an artisan workshop expand its operation and to initiate a computer-based teaching program in the local grade school.

A more ambitious project partnered Heart for Hope, Fundacion San Juancito and Rotary International to build a sewer treatment plant in San Juancito to reduce pollution in the local mountain streams.  

Although Heart for Hope's work has expanded, our focus remains on dental care and education for grade-school kids. 


Students learn about dental hygiene from Cadena de Amor dentist Dr. Gloria before the free exams and treatments she and her colleagues provide during a full day in their temporary clinic.

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