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Dr.  Mike Olin

Board President

Dr.  Olin is a retired dentist living in Bend, Oregon with his wife, Gloria.     He has been participating in volunteer trips to Honduras since 200?.    He speaks Spanish and also does volunteer dentistry in the Bend area.    Mike has also worked with one of our volunteer construction projects.  Gloria joined a team in September of 2019 to the village of Ojojona to assist her husband on a dental team.


Katherine Armstong

Board Secretary

Katherine lives in Bend, Oregon.   She enjoys working with her husband at their family business.  While not working, she spends time with their two daughters.


Dr. John Spomer

Board Treasurer

Dr.  Spomer is a retired dentist, currently living in Hermiston, Oregon.    He started volunteering in Honduras in 2001 and has led numerous volunteer teams to Honduras.    He has also been instrumental in supporting the connections between Heart for Hope and our Honduran NGOs.


Toni Lampkin

Board Member

Toni is a retired teacher, who lives in Stanfield, Oregon with her husband, Mike.   She participated in a volunteer trip to Honduras in 2006.   Toni has considerable experience in traveling to many international areas.


Rebecca Ramos

Board Member

Rebecca is a CPA with the firm, Barnett & Moro in Hermiston, Oregon.   She also prepares the annual tax reports required of a 501 3c organization.    She and her husband, Emiliano,  have two young children.


Ben van der Harst

Board Member

Ben lives in Roden, The Netherlands.   He is a retired financial advisor and consultant, having worked for several Dutch companies.    He has been on numerous trips to Honduras as a volunteer for construction projects, often with his daughter, Karin.   Ben has raised funds in his home country so that Cadena de Amor could purchase two needed club cab pickups and also funds to support the local dental teams in Honduras.


Marcy Haines

Board Member

Marcy lives on a ranch outside of Haines, Oregon with her husband Sam.   She is a financial planner and consultant with her firm Vision Wealth Management.   Marcy went on a volunteer trip to Honduras in 2010.


Abbie Spomer-Stephens

Board Member

Abbie lives in Redmond, Oregon with her husband Josh.   She currently works for Hayden Homes, a residential sub-division development company.   She recently created a power point presentation to be used by board members for public relations efforts and club programs.   She is the daughter of Dr. John Spomer.

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