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Heart for Hope is still sending volunteer teams to Honduras, primarily for dental clinics.   One does not need to have any experience in the field of dentistry to participate.    Many of our volunteers over the years have been people without any health career backgrounds.   We can also use individuals with basic carpentry skills from time to time.    All costs for the trips are born by the volunteers.   Out of Portland, Oregon costs with airfare are usually under $2,000.   That includes all ground transportation, all lodging, and all meals.   We have our own cook to ensure all food is safe and all water is potable.   We seldom have any health issues for our team members.

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Refer a friend

If you know someone that might be attracted to this type of volunteering, please send them to our web site.   Most of our volunteers come in a spirit of adventure and to experience the deference of another culture.  There can be no greater reward than knowing you have helped a child to have a healthy and happy life.

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Heart for Hope primarily receives its funding from the board members of this 501 3c public charity.     However, to maintain this public charity status, at least 33% of the funds to support the projects in Honduras must come from individuals or groups other than its eight-member board.   Therefore, Heart for Hope is always appreciative of any donations we receive for individuals or organizations.   All work of the Heart for Hope is done by volunteers, and thus all funds contributed go to help with the dental care and education of children and to help impoverished families.