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The international team to Cantarranas included both a dental component and a 3 person team to construct furniture for the new home of Melissa in San Juancito. Ben van der Harst, John Spomer, and Kathy Campbell set to work at the start of the week to build several items for the house. Measuring and cutting was soon underway.

The team followed the plans prepared for us by Dr. Jose. He had previously visited with Melissa to determined what she needed in her house. Cadena de Amor has a good selection of power tools and other items to make it possible to assemble furniture.

One of the pieces of furniture often needed is a simple clothes closet or ropero. The team cut plywood and then applied a wood stain before final assembly.

After a week's work, the team had assembled and stained several pieces including a table with benches, the ropero, a wall unit, and storage unit.

As you can tell from the picture below, the "master builders" were quite pleased with what they had created for the home of Melissa.

Now it was time to load all the items into the back of one of the Cadena de Amor pickups for delivery to the house in San Juancito. The furniture was carefully packed into the pickup and sent off with loving care as seen in the picture featuring Kathy Campbell

It was a special occasion for John to be a part of this project and deliver the furniture to Melissa. John had also helped Melissa continue her education in the colegio in San Juancito. Melissa and her young son are seen with John in their nearly completed house.

Heart for Hope and Cadena de Amor have as their primary mission the dental education and treatment for the children of rural Honduras. In fact, Melissa was cared for by our teams over all of her years of education. However, from time to time, the staff of Cadena de Amor has identified families in need of housing. Often families are living with other relatives or in shanties of wood and canvas. Heart for Hope has been able to provide houses for about 20 families over the last 15 years. Heart and Cadena have identified several other families in need of housing. If you might be interested in this aspect of our program, please reach out to us on our website.

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