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Our 10 Minutes of Fame!

A great article in our excellent local newspaper, The Sisters Nugget, gave Heart for Hope a nice boost. One of our readers, Julianne, contacted us and is now joining us for our February brigade. She is an experienced dental assistant who has participated in similar trips in the past, and we are delighted she will be joining us. The rest of the team comprises Josh, Dianne, Kathy and Pam, so we have a great group for the trip. We will be working in Cantarranas and staying at the hacienda in El Naranjal. Following the brigade, several of us are going to Roatan for a couple of days, too.

Every time we have a chance to visit Cantarranas, there are new murals to see and new shops to visit. Look for new photos of the murals when we return from our next trip.

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