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Cadena de Amor provides dental education in Guinope

The week of May 24th the Honduran team of Cadena de Amor traveled to the mountain village of Guinope. The team has provided dental care and education in the past, so they have a good report with this village. They cannot as yet provide dental treatment as the dental providers of Cadena de Amor are not vaccinated. However, as in two previous efforts, the team can provide dental education, reinforce good habits, provide toothbrushes, and support and encourage the school teachers to maintain a focus on dental health. The four pictures included with this post show the children as they receive instruction and toothbrushes. The dental providers of Cadena de Amor are doing all they can to make sure this is done safely. Thanks to them for this effort and to those who have donated funds in the past to allow Heart for Hope to support this outreach.

What a cute young boy. Thanks again to all who make this happen and thus give hundreds of young boys and girls a chance for a better, healthier life in the future

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