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Planning for 2024: Volunteers welcome!

Updated: Apr 7

We are planning our 2024 trips and we are looking for volunteers for our November brigade. 

From Feb. 16-25, we worked in Cantarranas and stayed at the Hacienda in El Naranjal. In June, the team will be in La Villa San Francisco with Dr. Ryan and members of his dental office team. Please let us know if you can join us: email John directly at

We look forward to building on the successes of our 2023 brigades. Our last brigade of 2023 concluded on November 10 in San Juancito, a village where Heart for Hope has been providing dental services for nearly 20 years. It was a wonderful trip, with 229 children visiting the clinic over the course of the week. Our three Honduran dentists, assisted by an international team of four, filled cavities, applied sealants to permanent teeth, and pulled those teeth that could not be saved. One pretty little girl came to the clinic three times so that Dr. Jose could work on her teeth, every one of which had been black-rimmed with decay. Her smile that last day was brilliant!


The November brigade patients brought the total number of youngsters treated in 2023 to 2,783! We know that this dental care improves their overall health, self-esteem and educational achievement--all made possible when a child's teeth are healthy, clean and pain-free.

Here are some photos from 2023, showcasing our volunteers at work and at play, plus the rushing river through San Juancito and new murals in Canterrranas. Please stay in touch and join us when you can!

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