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Progress on house project in San Juancito

The building of the house continues as you can see in the pictures included with this blog. You can see the adobe walls of the main house and even a bit of the stucco process that protects the adobe. The tarps you see are also to protect the walls until the metal roof is in place. Once that is done, the adobe makes a strong, insulated, and durable structural material. Many adobe buildings in Central America are hundreds of years old. The other structure that is built with concrete block is for the bathroom, shower and pila (clothes washboard and rinse basin). Because of the use of water in these areas concrete block is a better choice. I hope to have more pictures when the roof is on and also when the making of the furniture starts. Heart for Hope is delighted to be able to provide another family a greatly improved house. As you can see, this house will have a wonderful view. Many of the houses we have constructed have what I would call a "million dollar" view.

I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and knowing that our work continues in Honduras. We are hoping to be able to have international teams travel again to work with our partner, Cadena de Amor. In fact, the week of May 24th they local team is conducting a dental education brigade to village of Guinope to reinforce the value of good dental health practices among the school children there. I will have a blog on this with pictures soon.

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